About a month or so ago our ancient treadmill conked out, much to my dismay but not to my surprise (it was at least 17 years old and the picture above was taken when we were still in the apartment). Since replacing it was simply not in the budget at this time and even a new motor would require saving up for a few month I’ve been making do with walking around the house in laps (I’ve gone outside a couple of times when the weather is nice). But spoiled first worlder that I am, I really missed my virtual walks through Vegas, New Orleans, London, et al on my iPad while I walked on the treadmill.

Cut to this afternoon when Lyndon asked me to come downstairs for a moment. He’d talked about checking out the treadmill motor, and lo, he had pulled the cowling off the front of the treadmill and had a voltimeter hooked up to the motor. “You know the normal sounds it makes—does this sound right to you?” he said as he hit the Start button.

The start-up beeps sounded and the belt started moving!!! Turns out that there’s a speed sensor that had gotten gunked up—when he pulled it off to examine it and plugged it back in, the treadmill started working again. There is a bit of a dragging noise but that’s the belt on the deck and I just need to lubricate that again.

I had vacuumed the entire motor area last year but there was new oily cat hair along the back bar so I got out the vacuumed and cleaned everything again, including the motor and all its connections. Tonight, I get to walk through Vegas again, whee!