I wound up getting an unexpected commission to make two throw quilts based on my Arkansas Rainbow quilt. Even better, the client didn’t blink when I quoted a price for them. Handmade quilts are expensive, pure and simple, not only for all the fabric that goes into them but the sheer amount of work it takes to design the quilt top, cut out and sew the patchwork pieces together, sandwich and baste the backing, batting, and top, and then actually quilt the whole thing together. And too often artisans run into people who are basing their budget on cheap mass-produced stuff made overseas instead of a custom piece made to their design and balk when you give them a reasonable quote that covers material and time. This song explains the problem far better than I ever could.

But nope, my client was good with the costs, so as soon as I get the deposit I’ll head out to Joann’s and pick up the necessary fabric. Even better, I’ll have time to finish quilting Arkansas Rainbow before I have to get started on these quilts, which makes me happy. Always nice to know what I’ll be doing for the next three weeks or so.