There’s nothing quite as special as taking out the refrigerator water filter only to have it start spraying water all over the floor. Our impromptu fountain stopped while I was cursing in panic and dragging out the fridge to get to the water cutoff, but still. I’m guessing there was some mineral buildup that kept the valves open until it was cleared by the water spray, but there was no more leakage once we installed the new filter which is all that matters.

On the plus side, the space behind the refrigerator is now vacuumed, dusted, mopped, and sparkling clean, I got to use my new spin mop to mop up all of the water that had been sprayed across the kitchen floor, and I was able to put all the towels and cloths used to wipe up the water into a load with dirty cat bedding. As we have a HVAC checkup appointment on Wednesday I needed to clean this place anyway, so this was the perfect prompt to get all the cleaning started.

As for the Elderly Gentleman, he has had water and sub-q fluids this morning and is currently snoozing in a sunbeam. As far as he’s concerned, he’s all good.