Ow. Ow ow ow.

So my office, the upstairs hallway on the office side, and what of the craft room I could reach has all been vacuumed (the entrance to the attic is right over the hallway so it’s part of the house that will be seen by the HVAC tech on Wednesday), the stairs have been vacuumed, and all loose stuff in the library and dining room has been tidied away. I figure I’ll vacuum/dust the library and dining room tomorrow, and give the downstairs bathroom a nice clean just in case the tech has to pee while he’s here (hey, it’s happened before).

My body is now reminding me that I am no longer 16 nor am I Xena. But I come from a long line of females who believed in the core of their beings that if a stranger came into your home the place had to be immaculate or you brought shame on your family. There’s no way I’m going to manage immaculate, especially with the Elderly Gentleman wetting his bedding a couple of times a day, but I can manage clean and smelling okay for the places the tech will see.

Speaking of the Elderly Gentleman, we had a rather nice evening tonight. It was chilly today in the Clavicle of Texas and he wasn’t feeling very chipper so I stretched out on the couch and let him cuddle on my chest (I am the world’s best hot water bottle according to Lyndon) while Lyndon sat in my chair, Jemma hung out on the back of the couch, Jeremy curled up by my feet, and Jasmine roamed the room. The only one not there was Jessie, but she likes to sleep in our bedroom until we turf her out at night. Lyndon and I spent a very pleasant couple of hours talking about anything and everything while I petted J.J. and kept his toes warm.

To be honest I don’t think he’ll be here for much longer. These last two weeks were a gift that I will always treasure, but in my heart of hearts I knew it was a surge and wasn’t going to last. Right now our goal is to keep him warm and comfortable until either he passes in his sleep or we need the vet’s help.