Because I really don’t have the capacity to do any sort of super fancy quilting on anything larger than a baby quilt I decided to go with a plain old cross hatch quilting on the Arkansas Rainbow wall hanging. Since the block pattern is a Log Cabin one, it looks fantastic and quilts the piece nicely without overwhelming the design. I finished the last of it tonight and I’ll put the border on tomorrow, toss it in the wash, then put it up in our room (there’s wall space on Lyndon’s side of the bed that has been empty since we moved in because I’ve been waiting to find the right piece of art to put there. Well, now I’ve found it).

The other nice thing about this cross hatch quilting is that it will also look great on the two commissioned throw quilts since they also use Log Cabin as their basic block. And that will also save on my arms as I wrestle everything through my sewing machine (I have to roll up the sides I’m not working on and drape them over my shoulders as I sew, which can get a little heavy and awkward at times).

In the meantime I’m also editing and polishing a novella that was written for a charity antho. The rights have now reverted to me and I’d like to get it published some time this week because hey, the more titles I have out there the more money I can make off of them.