Or as others call it, my yearly physical. Apart from the fact that I had to fast until 3:00 PM it was pretty painless—talked to the doc, everything was normal, he renewed my scrips, went down to the lab to drop off some blood and pee, cool cool cool.

Only to get home and find out from my pharmacy that there’s a problem with our new medical insurance and they won’t approve the scrip renewals. The tech explained that they probably want us to use mail order, which I will be damned if I do so I get to call United Healthcare tomorrow and explain that no, we will not be signing up for any med mail order system they have and to approve the scrips at the pharmacy.

Since I’ll be playing phone tag with them anyway I’ll go ahead and cancel the cable as well, then switch our cell phone plans over to the 55+ plan. I hate making these kind of phone calls, but if I have a cluster of them I may as well get them all knocked out in one big batch.