Look upon me in awe, mortals, for I have doing All the Adulting. I have:

  • Mailed off a baby quilt
  • Bought food and supplements
  • Paid the bills
  • Trimmed my toenails
  • Swept the kitchen/breakfast nook/dining room/library
  • Made a hair appointment for tomorrow
  • Made a TikTok promo video
  • Watered the garden and said hello to J.J., Jordan, and Sandy
  • Called the health insurance and in my sweetest Southern Church Lady voice asked them to approve refills at Walgreen’s, which they agreed to do

And now I’m upstairs writing, of all things. I’m genuinely impressed with myself. Tomorrow I shall tackle cancelling the cable and bundling our cell phone accounts together (might as well give them 24 hours to process the payments), get my hair cut for the first time since my sister visited back in 2021, and deep clean the downstairs and upstairs bathrooms as well as write.

Keeping busy helps.