In addition to meat, fowl, and certain kinds of fish, our local butcher shop (Hirsch’s Meat Market, and they are AWESOME) also sells things like eggs and locally made ice cream (they used to sell milk from a local dairy, and God I miss that stuff). Despite having a Kitchenaid stand mixer with an ice cream maker attachment and lots of experience in making my own cold, sweet stuff, I decided a few weeks ago to try the LMIC’s marshmallow and graham cracker ice cream (mainly because it meant I didn’t have to make it myself).

It was certainly tasty, as you might expect. But I did wonder why they didn’t go just a little further and make S’mores ice cream. Which led me to wonder—what would go into homemade S’mores ice cream? Graham crackers, obviously, and marshmallows but ones that had been toasted to get that lovely caramelization, and some kind of chocolate ribbon would work, I thought.

So tonight I have toasted mini marshmallows in the oven (spread a cup of them over a parchment paper-lined cookie tray and put them under the broiler for 2.5 minutes), crushed up graham crackers, and whipped up a plain custard ice cream (mainly because we ran out of vanilla—need to add that to the shopping list). When the ice cream was ready I decanted some into a quart container, sprinkled on some crushed Grahams and marshmallows, and dotted it with fudge topping, mixed it a bit, then put in more ice cream and repeated the process. It’s currently in the freezer chilling, but judging by the spoonful I had earlier this is going to be some damn fine ice cream.