I am happy to announce that the S’mores ice cream is a hit. Lyndon took a spoonful, his eyebrows went up and he said, “Oh, that’s very nice,” which in British means, “Damn, this is delicious!”

Had my own bowl and yep, he was right. The crunchiness of the graham crackers balanced the richness of the fudge ribbon and the sticky, slightly caramelized sweetness of the toasted marshmallows, and with the custard ice cream underneath it was a beautiful thing. This will definitely be going into regular rotation.

In other creative news I finished the top for the first throw quilt and used the remaining strips to cut out the pieces for the second throw quilt (they’re in similar color schemes, although I needed three new fabric swatches to replace three that weren’t appropriate for a monochromatic quilt). Also mentally plotted out a short story while I was working and I plan on getting that started next week, so yay for writing!

That being said, I also spent a lot of time watching the weather news after seeing the clouds that went overhead this morning—they were dark and ominous as hell as they started gathering steam and headed east. My heart goes out to everyone who lost homes, cars, or lives to the tornado outbreak today.