I’ve finished piecing Throw Quilt #2 for a friend who commissioned me to make a set of them, which means I can now start quilting Throw Quilt #1, which was sandwiched last week with batting and backing.

Why didn’t I just finish quilting Throw Quilt #1 before starting on piecing Throw Quilt #2, you ask? Because I use different sewing machine feet for regular sewing and quilting and it requires a screwdriver to switch feet. So yeah, I’m lazy. Easier to keep on the standard presser foot and finish piecing the second top while I sandwiched and basted the first top. But now that all the piecing is done I can grab TC1 and start running it through the machine.

I’ve warned my friend that with a quilt of this size I can’t do anything super fancy—it’s just too hard to wedge that much fabric through the short arm of a standard sewing machine. But she’s perfectly happy with a geometric pattern which I can do with relative ease, so I get to start on that tomorrow. Ideally I’ll have both quilts done by next week and off to her, after which I think I’m going to take a break from sewing for awhile (I’ve been sewing almost every night for the past four months) and focus on finishing some of my knitting and crochet projects instead while I catch up on all the Marvel movies and series I haven’t watched yet. I mean, hey, we’re paying for Disney+—I may as well take advantage of it.