One of the questionable benefits of my mild OCD is that once I lock onto a task I will often stick with it well past the time when I should take a break, or get something to eat, or walk around and let the blood flow back into my feet.

Which is what happened today when I started quilting the throw quilt. I figured since it was a paid commission I’d work on it instead of writing and got started first thing in the morning.

By 7 PM I was blinking dimly at the wall and studying the half-quilted piece in my sewing machine. Now, I did take water and food breaks because Melanie Is Not Stupid (Melanie also wore a respirator because it was throwing up a lot of cotton dust into the air and I do not need particulate pneumonia at my age), and I headed off to the bathroom to pee as necessary so it’s not like I spent ten hours doing nothing but sitting at the machine.

I only spent maybe nine hours doing that. Oof. But this is going to be absolutely lovely when it’s done. And I think I may take the weekend off from sewing and do something that will require me to move around a little more.