After a day of work and at least five old episodes of Pod Is my Copilot listened to while I ran fabric through my sewing machine, Throw Quilt #1 is done. Unfortunately I can’t show you a picture because it’s currently in the dryer, but believe me when I say that it is a thing of beauty.

Of course, Throw Quilt #2 is folded up and nagging me to sandwich it and get it basted. To that I say, “Fie, sirrah. I am tired, my back is aching, and I am not working on you until Monday. You can wait.”

Seeing as these needed to be delivered by May and I’ll have them both finished by next week I don’t feel bad about taking the weekend off. I have a number of things around here that I really need to tackle (number one being the craft room which I can start cleaning and organizing while the Brit is off playing D&D), and besides it’s not good for an old broad like me to spend hours and hours at a sewing machine. That way lies osteoarthritis, deep vein thrombosis, and aching arms from wedging fabric through the short arm of the machine.

Besides, the Brit has polished off the S’mores ice cream (he really, really, REALLY liked it) and I want to make another batch. Plus I need to finish beta reading a project for a good friend. Oh, and I need to do a big food shop. See, I have lots of things to do this weekend that pull me away from the lure of Throw Quilt #2, ha ha hahahahahahahaha…