Closing in on finishing Throw Quilt #2—I’ve got it sandwiched and basted, and now I just have to get it quilted which should only take two days or so. With any lucky I’ll have that done and the edges bound by Wednesday night, then I can get both quilts in the mail to their new owner.

In the meantime I’m also trying to get various writing projects done, I keep looking at our desolate back yard and want to get bags of dirt spread on the hard clay in order to promote some grass growth, and I continue to get various long-standing tasks tackled around here—namely, I finally hit the window seat cushion from my office with My Pet Peed (I can only assume Jasmine got trapped on it by Jeremy and she fear pees, so it’s been sitting in the garage for the last couple of months until I could get some MPP). Once that did its job I took the cushion out to the back yard and gave it a good wash. It’s currently drying in the sun, and when that’s finished I’ll sew on some buttons that have fallen off and reinstall it in my office window. I may even take another crack at installing the blinds for that window, now that I can stand for long periods of time without wanting to cut off my right knee.

I may only be inching ahead when it comes to cleaning this place and getting it organized, but I am inching. Any forward progress is a win.