Just finished a project for a client who wanted me to do an illustrated cover for her contemporary romantic comedy. It’ll be coming out in June and I’ll post links here for interested folks—it sounds like it’s going to be hella fun.

I still have to make some ad graphics and a paperback cover for her, but she needed the ebook cover ASAP and the paperback cover will be based on the ebook cover, so this pretty much completes all of the paid commissions I have at the moment. Coming up are requests to see if I can make a custom Apple watch bangle from a pair of sterling forks (my buddy T also wants one of these if I can do it), a t-shirt quilt, and a coin for a roleplaying game. In between getting all of the Nicola books put into Vellum and published wide, finishing the current Nicola WIP, and starting the next two books on the writing table, of course.

I would very much like a cruise right now, thank you.