Looks like I’ll be doing another graduation quilt, and this one is going to be a t-shirt quilt which I’ve wanted to take a crack at for some time. So I’ve got that going for me.

In other news my heroically sized ass will be stuck to my office chair for, oh, the rest of the week while I format a buttload of Nicola books for wide release (and possibly some of my own—I think it’s time Random Realities gets a new cover, don’t you?). Which is a good thing—a lot of authors I know are making the move to wide right now and hopefully the loss of my KU income will be covered by audiobooks and sales on B&N/Apple/Kobo/et al.

But nobody can buy those books if they’re not on the platforms so I’m busily formatting away and making everything pretty. Just another day in the life of a small businesswoman, you know.

In the meantime Jeremy has decided that he must talk to me constantly, stay at my side whenever I’m downstairs, and generally make a pest of himself. He’s got enough food and clean water and I’m giving him treats—I think he’s realizing that he hadn’t done himself any favors by annoying the girls for the past few tears. They pretty much avoid him now, and now that J.J.’s gone I think the big lug is kinda lonely.

So I now have an orange shadow in addition to the grey stripey one. Whee…