After a very, VERY long day of sewing I have the entirety of Throw Quilt #2 quilted. I didn’t intend to use the quilting pattern I wound up using, but once I saw how it was turning out I realized it was perfect. Hopefully the recipient will enjoy this quilt as much as I do (and I still wanna make a full-sized one for myself).

In other news the J Crew have been mightily entertained by the murder of crows that have been hanging out on our front lawn. I must admit, I may have been scattering peanuts here and there, ahem. But they’re here, they’re having a great time sunning themselves on the lawn, and the cats are rapt, I tell you. I had Jeremy, Jasmine, and Jemma all lined up in front of the library window this afternoon peering out at the feathered guests and clearly thinking, “I could take one of those, yeah. Just let me out the door, Mom, I’ll bring you back some dinner.”

Sorry, my darlings. Crows are off-limits, plus our back yard is proof that there are raptors out there capable of taking down fair-sized animals, and while the twins may be too big for a hawk I’d be worried for Jaz. Not to mention the coyotes and bobcats in the neighborhood. The J Crew will just have to keep dreaming about taking down a back yard wildebeest.